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From the press-release:

xin returns to Subtext to share their debut LP, MELTS INTO LOVE. Mining fragments of neurofunk, hardcore and dubstep, xin searches for something else. They borrow from dance and rave lexicons to warp, mangle and strangle tropes into something anew. Embracing failures, blemishes, inexperience and misuse, xin imagines new affinities, anxieties and ecstasies in an age of noise, spectacle and inundation. Alien, shapeshifting reeses dance and twirl in “Myopia,” while AI choirs and pseudo-breaks are distilled into “Spent, Wasted and Saved” (featuring AYA, fka LOFT). The fiendish, ecstatic imagery that accompanies is created in conjunction with painter Gabrielle Bejani and machine learning engineers Ash Ash D'Cruz and Chris Tegho.

Like xin’s 2018 EP, MELTS INTO LOVE will be released solely via independent platforms Bandcamp, Boomkat and Resonate. The record also borrows from fellow Subtext signee Fis and his Saplings project and is released as a “biodigital” LP — meaning the music is released digitally, but with a living consequence woven in. All proceeds from sales will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, with each purchase of the LP funding the planting of at least 40 trees.

xin-MELTS INTO LOVE-Bandcamp.jpg

Artwork by Ash D'Cruz, Chris Tegho, Gabrielle Bejani and xin

xin performed live at Berlin’s Volksbühne, in support of Holly Herndon’s PROTO launch, and Kraftwerk, for MaerzMusik’s The Long Now, among others. They soundtracked Zach Blas’ installation The Doors, and was a 2019 research resident at Trust, Berlin’s space for utopian conspiracy and the (re)design of infrastructure.

Release date

September 19. 2019

Format: digital

Publishing: Multiverse Music

'MELTS INTO LOVE' is available on

Subtext's Bandcamp

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