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Since 2017, KO-HUM has advanced networked forms of promotion and circulation of ideas that encompass digital strategies, partnerships, engagement programs, and campaigns, facilitating the premiere of new works, and presenting a diverse array of artists and cultural producers working across the fields of sound, film, publishing, visual and performing arts.

As a platform, KO-HUM performs a development function in the implementation of projects that demand considered listening, reading, and viewing, placing emphasis on bringing recognition to creative practitioners that withstand the atomization of culture and, through sustained inquiry and creative research, endeavor to enrich the public sphere.

At the heart of our practice is a process-based relationship between artists, writers, media outlets, event organizers, music labels, bookings, venues, cultural institutions, and audiences, which seeks to give each project space to find their rhythm, public outputs, and discourse. We consider such a process to be a collective enterprise, a workspace for cultivating authentic relationships with a diverse range of collaborators. 


KO-HUM is dedicated to sustaining a dialogue between a range of disciplines by fostering a dynamic influx of ideas into the creative landscape, and provide a platform where adventurous minds can encounter creativity that contextualizes, interprets, educates, and expands culture to the edges of the contemporary experience.


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