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"Orikbem" is a six dancers piece, described by the choreographer Salvatore Siciliano as a self-reflection on the lifestyle and emotional world of the young generation living in Berlin.


Inspired by Carlo Collodi's novel "Pinocchio", the alleged educational intent of the children's book serves as a literary model to illustrate the challenges and complexities faced by all the individuals embracing the path of self- discovery among the countless possibilities the social landscape of big cities has to offer.

In Orikbem darkness rules the scenery of the performance and sarcastic gestures permeate the choreography. The rapid movements are executed with accuracy, resembling the shrank temporal structure of the "big city life", where space and time are relative factors until the moment each individual stops and consciously decides to which extent is willing to be part of the landscape.


Performance dates

June 15  & 16.  2018 - Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

July 6. 2018 - Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

February 14 & 15 2019 - Pfefferberg Theater

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet - Orikbem - Trailer V
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Choreography: Salvatore Siciliano

Music: Matresanch

Photos & videos: Federico Boccardi

Costumes: Gegenteil

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