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Viole Somewhere is a modern Caroll’s Alice-in-Wonderland tale of self-discovery against the odds of culture. It is an ode to the nourishment of imagination in the Age of Screens, offering a perspective to the human struggle in finding the balance between its dark side and the everyday role in society.

The performance invites the audience to reflect on how human ambitions, desires, innermost fears and life’s insecurities affect our personality, suggesting that culture, society and its expectations should not be seen as an obstacle but as a tool to better discover ourselves. In Viole Somewhere life is staged as a journey through the ups and downs of growing up, suggesting that true happiness hides in the awareness of this constant transformative cycle.

Performance dates

June 29. 30. 2017 - Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

September  26. 2018 - TanzKulturWoche: Deutsches Theater in Göttingen

September 29. 30. 2018 - Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet - Viole Somewhere
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Choreography: Salvatore Siciliano

Music: Matresanch

Photos & videos: Underskin

Costumes: Gegenteil

Sponsor (scenography): Berta-Maria Reetz

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