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[N-015 & N-037] CYCLO. (ALVA NOTO + RYOJI IKEDA) ' .', 'ID' [NOTON]


'cyclo.' examines error structures and repetitive loops in software and computer programmed music, with audiovisual modules for real-time sound visualization forming one of the key strategies in this examination.


The project orientates itself around the discipline of Phase Correlation. Within this process, the phase relationship between two inputted audio signals are metered. This metering device was developed for the monitoring and assistance of vinyl mastering, where precise parallel correlations of phases was essential for subsequent record pressing quality.

It is this activity and pattern of movement that draws the curiosity of Nicolai and Ikeda. Working together, they have selected numerous ‘bits’ of sound and committed them to an extensive archive, thus creating a library from which they may draw pre-constructed audio elements at choice. The audio elements have been constructed and chosen through agendas concerned with minutiae editing of frequencies (often out of our physical range of hearing), and the perpetual amassing of audio elements to an undefined point.

For Nicolai and Ikeda an ‘infinity index’ of sound fragments is a conscious motivation, that forms the basis of their research and also feeds cyclo. with the audio material required for visuality.

cyclo. (Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto) - id#03
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Release date:

November 20. 2017


album digital & CD



'cyclo. .' and 'cyclo. id' are available on

NOTON shop, iTUNES, Spotify

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