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Chloé - Arthur Rambo OST, LP [Milan Records / Lumière Noire Records]




From the press-release:

"Arthur Rambo" is Laurent Cantets eighth feature film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2021 and released in France in February 2022. This film marks the first collaboration between French composer and producer Chloé Thévenin and Laurent Cantet.


Chloe's first foray into cinema was the score of the soundtrack of Paris La Blanche in 2017 - Lidia Leber Terki's first feature film (released in 2017 on her own label, Lumière noire). In 2012, she produced a soundtrack to accompany Alfred Hitchcock's last silent film: Blackmail (1930), which was played live at the Cinémathèque française. Since then, she composed the original music for Marie Kremer's first short film, Le Pérou, Emmanuel Finkiel's feature film A Decent Man (Je ne suis pas un salaud, 2014) and the documentary film Guru, une famille hijra by Axelle Le Dauphin and Laurie Colson (2016).


Her work on Arthur Rambo, however, marks a new stage for the artist: Arthur Rambo tells the story of Karim, a young boy from an underprivileged Parisian suburb who becomes a fashionable writer at a very young age, an up-and-coming star in the small Parisian literary milieu. But a media source reveals that he also publishes incendiary tweets under a pseudonym, a torrent of insults which out his alias as misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic in turn. Confronted with this evil twin, Karim doesn’t know how to explain himself and his rapid fall from grace takes place in one single day. Laurent Cantet's film tells the story of those few hours when a man goes from being an idol to an outcast.

chloe arthur rambo.png

Photo on courtesy of Lumière Noire Records 

By entrusting Chloé Thévenin with an original creation for the film, Laurent Cantet was making a deliberate choice of electronic music, right from the script stage. Chloé's score accompanies Karim's inner emotions. The sonorities narrate a fall, which will turn into a flight. When she started working on the film, Chloé first sought to produce a soundtrack that advanced in perpetual contradiction: her idea was to depict a character on the edge, someone who is indistinguishable. The music gradually reveals his character: ambiguous, complex, brilliant but preserving a dark side. 

Chloé Thévenin by Alexandre de la Madeleine

Chloé Thévenin © Alexandre de la Madeleine

If Arthur Rambo is a film of downward spiral, and the music reflects it. Ethereal sounds and a style permanently on the verge of abstraction are mixed with cellos, played in the studio by musician Gaspar Claus. 

Released on

January 28, 2022

Stream & download - Linkfire

Label: Milan Records (Sony Music) & Lumière Noire Records

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