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Catnapp is the guise of Argentinian artist Amparo Battaglia. Long before signing to Monkeytown in 2018, the Berlin-based producer, singer/rapper (self-)released a couple of records full of boundless creativity and originality. "Break" is the title of her debut full-length record on Monkeytown Records and combines a diverse array of influences while drawing from today’s post-internet and post-rap sounds.


The album’s opening track "Down In The Basement" is an ode to the underground, dealing with how to grow as an artist whilst staying true to your roots. "The Mover" featuring Modeselektor, a slow burning, bass-heavy song about standing up for yourself and showing strength. It opens with the line „Don’t you tell me what to do“, an eternal credo for both Catnapp and Modeselektor, two generations of maverick electronic artists. "Fight For A Fight" is inspired by the repression the LGBTQ community is facing all around the world. It came about when Amparo was invited to perform at the Pride March in Buenos Aires in 2018, its lyrics are aimed at supporting the ongoing fight against patriarchy: "My knife is sharp, my mind is bright, you’ll never stop my will to fight."


Picture by Goma 阿片

"With so much happening in our world today, I feel incomplete telling only love stories. I want to give people inspirational tools that work as fuel. Songs that can make one hop out of a bad and complicated situation in order to move on and up with confidence."

- Catnapp

Catnapp has been compared to electroclash artists like Peaches, her blend of modern rap and electronics may also evoke like-minded artist Tommy Genesis. Three of the songs on this Album (namely “Down in the Basement”, “The Mover” and “Thunder”) where used in the Netflix series Unorthodox”, which was awarded an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series.

Catnapp x Modeselektor - The Mover
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